My Next Book: Advice Empire

Could you create your own one person
Advice Empire? You can… if you want to.

I'm working on the book. Actually it will be a course in a big binder.
In it, I will teach you what I did…

1. How I was able to jump from $8,000 a year to $12,000 a month and higher. (I'm reticent to say just how much I earned because it's dangerous for a single older woman to divulge this publicly. There's a reason I publish a booklet titled, OutSmarting Sweetheart Swindlers.)

2. How I was able to charge and receive $600 for one hour private
telephone consultations.

3. How I was able to receive up to $200 to $400 an hour for
commercial voice-over work.

4. How I was able to write and self-publish a book and
have other people cover the production costs (crowd-funding).

5. How I was able to land lucrative
corporate consulting contracts.

6. How I obtained
government consulting contracts.

7. How I obtained several
paid talk radio shows of my own.

8. How I was paid to
co-host talk radio at the largest talk radio station in Canada (starting at the top, not the bottom).

9. How I was paid to appear as a
guest expert on national television.

10. How I was paid to
host my own television show.

11. How I was paid to
write for national magazines.

12. How I got
paid to promote my expertise (not pay someone to promote it).

13. How I
started my own speaker agency when I couldn't find an agent to represent me.

14. How I filled my
public workshops and seminars without any advertising.

15. How I
got myself quoted in Time Magazine and other prestigious publications.

16. How I was able to get executives to pay for a subscription to my
monthly newsletter.

17. How I develop everything I write into at least
three formats that pay me.

18. Three important reasons why I
refuse to work for free.

19. Why it rarely makes sense to hire someone else to promote/market your book!

20. The 12 principles I promote for boosting your expertise to
celebrity status.

21. How I
stopped leaving money on the table in many types of transactions.

22. How I was able to obtain
corporate retainers even if I was not required to do anything.

Get paid to promote your consulting expertise with these income streams.

Corporate Consulting
Private Consulting
Government Consulting
Column Syndication
Talk Radio Hosting
TV Talk Show Hosting
Public Seminars
Book Publishing
Booklet Publishing
Newsletter Publishing
Tip Sheet Publishing
Template Publishing
Software Publishing
Proposal Writing
Magazine Article Writing
Spokesman Duties
Public Speaking
Special Report Publishing
Online Class Teaching
Crowd Funding
Public Appearances
Client Critiques
Training Programs
Training Schools
Professional Associations
Podcast Production
Digital Audio and Video Production
CD and DVD Production